Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Got Milk?

After getting home from school and working in clinic all freaking day, my face is not as glowing as it should be.  I have a whole Armour I must wear every time i enter clinic. Underneath the face mask, big ass protective goggles, surgical hats, and cover gowns is my little face dying of air and moisture. Naturally my facial skin becomes very dry, dehydrated, and rough. So if you are like me try using some Milk to restore the life in your skin once again. After a hard's day work, cleanse your face and grab a cotton ball dipped in milk and softly apply it all over the face and let it set for oh I don't know 15min. Once it had dried rinse yor face in warm water and apply your moisturizer &  O.M.G!!!!! your face will instantly become super soft ,glowy, and  hydrated like never  before........ur welcome lol

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