Thursday, May 31, 2012

some1 once told me "Stop stressing out so much in school,because what you have coming at you once you start working as a dentist is going to be a lot worse and more responsibility,So deal with it."  Chalez those words where like a thousand stabs to my heart ,but soo very true. This was just a lil tough love that I really needed..ty u know who u r 
Hijo , no cabe dude que la verdad ooOOoOdio las guardiaqs de Urgencias.  La verdad es que estuve en mi guardia 7 malditas horas y sin chance de poder ir a mi BREAK. Creo los prisioneros son tratados mejor en la carcel que a mi en este infierno.  I just don't understand how the professer did not get the point when I told him I was starving to death and that i needed a break to get some grub or I was going to faint.  He saw i was not looking to hot and still has the guts to tell me if you r not back by 10min i will report u. In my head i was like" What the FUDGERSSSSS, he better shut up before i bitch slap you back to china or something," esque no manches eso ya es ABUSOOOOO!!!They had me working like a slave running from Px to Px grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y los profesores BIEN GRACIAS, TU DI!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bloddy Splatters
          hahahaha ok ok this might be pretty messed up but i couldn't stop starring at a girl who had blod spots all over her forhead .  I was in surgery and this one girl was extracting some molars and apparently the Px's blood that was flying out of the mouth was falling on her forehead and she had no idea.  She had her safety goggles, her hat and everything but i guess not enough coverage. Until I told her that she had blood spots on her forehead she got hysterical and started reaching out for Lysol and disinfecting wipes. Poor thing was so traumatized , pero wakatelas que horror pero me pregunto , Que no sentia ella las gotitas de sangre que le caian? i think we should start wearing this kind of protection next time
  lista para las muelas asecinas 

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Meet & Greet
tips for your first encounter w/ your Px
1. PUT on a big ass smile (apply Vaseline if needed) (make sure to remove brocoli pieces stuck in your teeth)
2.Give a firm handshake
3. Dile a tu mama que te planche tu uniforme
4. Put a lil bit of Gel and water on your ugly hair
5.Do not talk ghetto ever!!!!!!
6. Be on time , & if the Px comes late mandalo a la fregada y si lo hace 3 veces mas que se valla consiguiendo otro saca muelas
7.Confident Body language act like a Diva
8.Say your complete Name
9. Se amable
and last but not least
10. never ever say "today we will poke , inject, drill, stab, picar,pinchar" you can send them to Coma
waking up in the morning got to thank God ,I don't know but today seems kind of odd...Today was a good day... literally it was so calm i had nothing to do and my Px canceled on me so by 10:30 i was free the whole day. I was able to nap ,eat a full meal, and everything.It was too good to b true that it even made me feel uncomfortable because I felt like there was something I was forgetting but this great day was much needed.
stress free ja lo que una manita de gato hace y un milagro hacen
i call this "Waiting for Hope"

Sunday, May 27, 2012

aWwwwwwwWWw   the Best part about being a dental student is that we really know to appreciate relaxation time

Friday, May 25, 2012

Now I don't know what is it with Perio , but I honestly have to say i hate it.  I just never seem to get the dang calculo out of the gum grrrrrrrrrrrr. I fallow all the steps use my Gracey type curettes and everything, but when the teacher comes to check and the truth comes out  she says I still have Calculo left  in between the teeth. Ahhhhhh its always in intrapapillary zone where I leave everything.  And I swear people , i even double check to make sure everything is clear and before i noticed the teacher has a whole collection of Calculo on the gauze.  I just really need to start getting better at localizing Calculo or else my life as I know it is over lol jk. Pero neta tengo que mejorar eso.geeez p.s Jesus plz help me get better.Amen

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Santo DIOS, que dia tan pesado .Today my life felt like it was on the tracks of NASCAR. Let me tell u the chisme start off, I heard my name of the speakers like twice that i had to report myself to the administration office. All i tholught was "en la torre ya me fregue". To my surprise one of my very super smart Px. he decided to go to clinic without scheduling him and complains that his Cavit was falling off and that if i can replace it  with a new 1.So this was where the whole drama started.....
.                       I was assisting, told Px to wait an hour, partner wasn't done,got a replacement, called Px, Px nowhere 2 be found,20min later Px says he is in clinic, i said shyt!to myself, ran downstairs, fell on my ass,got up, saw Px,ran upstairs again, left safety glasses downstairs, said CHINGAU, ran downstairs and upstairs again, told partner to hurry his ass up,went to locker, saw time 1:40pm, printed out Treatment plan for another Px, partner asked 4 help apparently 1 of his Px came unscheduled also, I said "off course", I lied, left to get everything ready  for my Px at 3pm, Px shows up at 4 , Doctors decide to take da day off and only 14 students were allowed to work, I said " This can't be happening", # 7 on the waiting list and six others behind me,
we all got supper pissed off and started complaining and boycotting
finally got a unit to work in all supper late,saw time it almost 7, ended up just having time to put a provisional tooth with TempBond, stupid Provi was not coming out rite, sweating like a freaking pig, doctors where rushing me, no axial walls to adjust it to ugh!!!, never got my signature for working,all the teachers left, and rite after after I bought a lemon Popsicle it  started poring rain on my way home while walking and believe it or not that was the best part of the day whew.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nothing Hits the spot after 3 hours of non stop lecture like this
Know here is the problem with we dental students(at least where i go to school) we never seem to have enough time to grab something to eat , so those few 30min we have left before clinic doors open to work we sprint over to eat quesadillas , this is just like having a little slice of heaven in our mouths. It beats having mega loud noises of my grumbling stomach.  I can promise you that eating just two will give us just the right amount of fuel needed to survive until 2pm. Thumbs up fro quesadillas
Yes Yes Yes... wow people check this out I'm supper excited because i finally got one of those patients that need removable prosthetic , and crowns it was like an angel sent from heaven because that's exactly what i needed to complete some of my requirements.This is what it looks like :)

at first i was like "Ay wei" lol what monstrosity is this , because I've never seen anything like it before. After many interconsultaions with perio,protesis,observations, and study models, I was finally able to tell the Px how we were going to help her restore her smile.My adviser recommended I redo individual metal/porcelain crowns on numbers 14 13 24 25 23 33 43 and 45( periodontally they were good candidates) the rest were for extractions.  The 5 remaining teeth is were the Remo will be sustaining  from so i told my Px "you better take care of your remaining teeth like you take care of your Enchiladas and Chile Relleno dinner ".  I hope she does i will make sure she maintains a decent oral higene. ( this Px is lower class income i know there are many options out there but this was the best that suited her financially)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shout out to Germany!!
Hallo Meine Freunde
  @#$$%&!!!  TODAY was just one of my hundreds and hundreds stressful situations of being in dental school.  Every1 at school is trying to work in clinic to finish their requirements to finish this semester, so the lines  to get a unit to work in ESTA APERRADO hasta la fregada , i mean why wouldn't it if there are at least a 80 students who need to finish restorations and just 7 units available. And despite the fact that i scheduled my Px EARLY and HAD everything ready to walk inside clinic, the freaking doctors at the clinic just love to make us students suffer .
so here are the 7 RULES TO SURVIVE IN CLINIC


Saturday, May 12, 2012

WHO knows who many times i have seen the same mistake repeat itself when it comes to taking impressions with alginate of peoples mouth, ugh. ok lets get straight to the point (this goes out for the students) make sure that when u r mixing the powder (alginate powder) into the bowl with water , keep in mind that the best consistency to have is when the product is able to stick to the spatula without falling off once you've done mixing it alll together. Not only is this going to make the patient fell a whole lot better without feeling  like the alginate is goin down the throat , but also save you time from avoiding riskful situation. iy should look something like this ok

this has been TIP 101

Thursday, May 10, 2012

                                   (this is a shout out to all my russian fans out there)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ok folks now you might be familiar already with dental Cassettes, which are basically instrument carriers. My school obligates students to use these instruments when they start clinical practices. You might have heard of the world famous Hu-Fridey company, which make cassettes ,well those are the ones I’M talking about. These cassettes are made either steel or plastic and can carry up to 4 to 19 instuments in a lil box.  I know Hu-Fridey is known for making products with the best materials available and high-tech quality and what not, but we should not get carried away folks.  There are also other Companies that can offer a good alternative such as American Eagle,Miltex,Universal Cassettes,Diadent, and even Medesy. Now these cassettes can come in different categories treatments where the company equips the necessary instruments, such as for Perio, Endo, Restorations, Surgery, etc.
$$$$ MONEY MONEY MONEY ..where to begin.  Ok an average cassette for
1.Hu-Fridey may cost anywhere from $ 109-$500 (But these include instruments)
2.American Eagle from $45-175                          
3.Miltex from $61-120                                              
4.Universal Cassettes from $ 40-104                     
5.Diadent from $53-93
with the last 4 ,you can mix and match and personalize your own instruments  in your cassette                                                                                           

My Pros-Easy to clean    - easy transporstation  -Saves time -organized     -Good way to keep biosecurity control - Ultrasonic friendly -Versatile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

My Cons - bulky-Expensive -when you want to use 1 thing, you have to open the whole cassette-hard to dry -take up a lot of space -hassel to open and close everytime


I have mix feelings about the use of these casstttes to be honest.  Maybe it’s the fact that I am a student and they are !Pinches Caros! Or the fact that they are freaking heavy to be carrying around my toolbox. But overall they are pretty useful I would recommend using them…and remember sometimes its not all about brand names because I know that I can get the same shirt from Calvin Klein  at Ross lol and the same moral applies to this.  
I asked my fellow classmates if they would buy cassettes for their dental office in the future & out of the 24 they said:               yes:10                 &            hell no: 14


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Jesus Marry & Joseph!!!

OOooooOOoops !!!

OK look ladies and gents you 
You Forget
3 of the most classic rules to life that have been known to human kind since the day they have existed.
Now i would be lying to you if I'd say i have never screwed up in clinic, now dont get me wrong yes there are ways to prevent bad situations , but hey nobody is perfect!
Here is my story.......
So it was my first time removing obturation material from a edondontic treatment A.K.A gutta percha.  I had to do this because i had to fabricate a direct DuraLay post to a # 46(universal code)
I new the longitude, how much i had to remove , what conduct i had to work on , well everything, I was on top of my game ! well Never trust the mirror people!!! The freakin mirror tricked me and i could have sworn to capulin(my dog) that i even double checked to see that it was the distal conduct but ended up removing gutta percha from the mesial-lingual conduct!!!!! FuUUUUUUuuUudge i realized when i took the x-ray. MAn OH Man was i Bummed OUT!!, the clinical professors where like " it happens".  Now this was not the worst part ..the worst part was telling my PX that i had to reschedule and obturate that tooth again, and fear that she wont want to come back with me because she had mentioned earlier that day that she was tired of that tooth, didnt want to waste more money ,etc etc. :(
So my throat started getting dry, my stomach started to knott, i felt like throwing up and i was like Jesus , Marry & Joseph please help me tell her lol...well she was supper pissed of con una carota de que me queria fregar i mean just awful and there was so much tension ugh makes me sick just thinking bout it.
But i learned from my mistakes and have accepted it and i can guarantee you that won't happen again , it can only make me a better practioner
Estoy Jodida pero Contenta lol

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

           GRRrrRRRrRrRRrRrRrR ;(

ok!!! so i just had a freaking test on the subject
Manejo de Urgencias! anywho you know i studied my ass off and everything till 4am y alli boi bien desvelada a la escuela ready to take the test, i sit down on my desk and waited for the professor to pass the test.  Ok so bring it on!!! en el nombre del padre el hijo y el espiritu Santo Aaaamen!!!

So i started reading and i started answering the qs i knew first and im thinking to myself " the hell with this i have a whole hour to do this shyt . I swear to capulin (my dog) not even like 10min into the test the profesor was like "10 minutes left" i was like what the heck!!! 10min !! we havent even done 10min!!! i thought he was joking ,but then he said 5min left and if u don't turn it in i wont be grading your exam. Oh hellz naw so there i go freaking reading all this crap on the quickness, blood pressure went down, sugar level decreased, blurr vision, trembling hands, taquicardia hasta la madre, i mean horrible just freaking horrible i felt like i was gunna crap my pants out of a panic attack/ nervous breakdown... And the worst part was that the professor had the nerve to give me 3 extra min because i begged him to give me more time that i wasn't done and he kept saying come on  come on come on hurry or you'll get a 0. So just imagine the hell i was going through while trying to answer the qs.

i completely blacked out and forgot all my answers, keep in mind this professor is supper "special " he wont accept anything in pencil , or little scribbles, so obviously since i wasn't done i left mines all in pencil i didn't have a chance to fix it nice. And the irony of the story was that we were learning about first aid kind of stuff like when patients faint, have taquicardia, allergic reactions ect in the dental chair and what we as dentist need to do at that moment. Well the hell with that because i swear i fell like i had all those things at once and that i was goin to be a real life example in the classroom

So all you DENTAL PROFESSORS, plz if you are giving a test to your students please respect their time during a test and dont stress them , because it is already  hard enough as it is and you dont have to make it worse by being bullys, or else your goin to have to revive all 40 students from a heart attack y aver como le hacen despues lol.
the end