Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jesus Marry & Joseph!!!

OOooooOOoops !!!

OK look ladies and gents you 
You Forget
3 of the most classic rules to life that have been known to human kind since the day they have existed.
Now i would be lying to you if I'd say i have never screwed up in clinic, now dont get me wrong yes there are ways to prevent bad situations , but hey nobody is perfect!
Here is my story.......
So it was my first time removing obturation material from a edondontic treatment A.K.A gutta percha.  I had to do this because i had to fabricate a direct DuraLay post to a # 46(universal code)
I new the longitude, how much i had to remove , what conduct i had to work on , well everything, I was on top of my game ! well Never trust the mirror people!!! The freakin mirror tricked me and i could have sworn to capulin(my dog) that i even double checked to see that it was the distal conduct but ended up removing gutta percha from the mesial-lingual conduct!!!!! FuUUUUUUuuUudge i realized when i took the x-ray. MAn OH Man was i Bummed OUT!!, the clinical professors where like " it happens".  Now this was not the worst part ..the worst part was telling my PX that i had to reschedule and obturate that tooth again, and fear that she wont want to come back with me because she had mentioned earlier that day that she was tired of that tooth, didnt want to waste more money ,etc etc. :(
So my throat started getting dry, my stomach started to knott, i felt like throwing up and i was like Jesus , Marry & Joseph please help me tell her lol...well she was supper pissed of con una carota de que me queria fregar i mean just awful and there was so much tension ugh makes me sick just thinking bout it.
But i learned from my mistakes and have accepted it and i can guarantee you that won't happen again , it can only make me a better practioner
Estoy Jodida pero Contenta lol

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  1. well in life we all learn from our mistakes, that is something that makes us better like you said. Good job taking a negative experience and turning it into a positive , I wish you luck in your future work!

    Markus Antonious