Monday, May 28, 2012

The Meet & Greet
tips for your first encounter w/ your Px
1. PUT on a big ass smile (apply Vaseline if needed) (make sure to remove brocoli pieces stuck in your teeth)
2.Give a firm handshake
3. Dile a tu mama que te planche tu uniforme
4. Put a lil bit of Gel and water on your ugly hair
5.Do not talk ghetto ever!!!!!!
6. Be on time , & if the Px comes late mandalo a la fregada y si lo hace 3 veces mas que se valla consiguiendo otro saca muelas
7.Confident Body language act like a Diva
8.Say your complete Name
9. Se amable
and last but not least
10. never ever say "today we will poke , inject, drill, stab, picar,pinchar" you can send them to Coma

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