Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bloddy Splatters
          hahahaha ok ok this might be pretty messed up but i couldn't stop starring at a girl who had blod spots all over her forhead .  I was in surgery and this one girl was extracting some molars and apparently the Px's blood that was flying out of the mouth was falling on her forehead and she had no idea.  She had her safety goggles, her hat and everything but i guess not enough coverage. Until I told her that she had blood spots on her forehead she got hysterical and started reaching out for Lysol and disinfecting wipes. Poor thing was so traumatized , pero wakatelas que horror pero me pregunto , Que no sentia ella las gotitas de sangre que le caian? i think we should start wearing this kind of protection next time
  lista para las muelas asecinas 

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