Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hijo , no cabe dude que la verdad ooOOoOdio las guardiaqs de Urgencias.  La verdad es que estuve en mi guardia 7 malditas horas y sin chance de poder ir a mi BREAK. Creo los prisioneros son tratados mejor en la carcel que a mi en este infierno.  I just don't understand how the professer did not get the point when I told him I was starving to death and that i needed a break to get some grub or I was going to faint.  He saw i was not looking to hot and still has the guts to tell me if you r not back by 10min i will report u. In my head i was like" What the FUDGERSSSSS, he better shut up before i bitch slap you back to china or something," esque no manches eso ya es ABUSOOOOO!!!They had me working like a slave running from Px to Px grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y los profesores BIEN GRACIAS, TU DI!!!

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