Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes Yes Yes... wow people check this out I'm supper excited because i finally got one of those patients that need removable prosthetic , and crowns it was like an angel sent from heaven because that's exactly what i needed to complete some of my requirements.This is what it looks like :)

at first i was like "Ay wei" lol what monstrosity is this , because I've never seen anything like it before. After many interconsultaions with perio,protesis,observations, and study models, I was finally able to tell the Px how we were going to help her restore her smile.My adviser recommended I redo individual metal/porcelain crowns on numbers 14 13 24 25 23 33 43 and 45( periodontally they were good candidates) the rest were for extractions.  The 5 remaining teeth is were the Remo will be sustaining  from so i told my Px "you better take care of your remaining teeth like you take care of your Enchiladas and Chile Relleno dinner ".  I hope she does i will make sure she maintains a decent oral higene. ( this Px is lower class income i know there are many options out there but this was the best that suited her financially)

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