Friday, May 25, 2012

Now I don't know what is it with Perio , but I honestly have to say i hate it.  I just never seem to get the dang calculo out of the gum grrrrrrrrrrrr. I fallow all the steps use my Gracey type curettes and everything, but when the teacher comes to check and the truth comes out  she says I still have Calculo left  in between the teeth. Ahhhhhh its always in intrapapillary zone where I leave everything.  And I swear people , i even double check to make sure everything is clear and before i noticed the teacher has a whole collection of Calculo on the gauze.  I just really need to start getting better at localizing Calculo or else my life as I know it is over lol jk. Pero neta tengo que mejorar eso.geeez p.s Jesus plz help me get better.Amen

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