Thursday, May 24, 2012

Santo DIOS, que dia tan pesado .Today my life felt like it was on the tracks of NASCAR. Let me tell u the chisme start off, I heard my name of the speakers like twice that i had to report myself to the administration office. All i tholught was "en la torre ya me fregue". To my surprise one of my very super smart Px. he decided to go to clinic without scheduling him and complains that his Cavit was falling off and that if i can replace it  with a new 1.So this was where the whole drama started.....
.                       I was assisting, told Px to wait an hour, partner wasn't done,got a replacement, called Px, Px nowhere 2 be found,20min later Px says he is in clinic, i said shyt!to myself, ran downstairs, fell on my ass,got up, saw Px,ran upstairs again, left safety glasses downstairs, said CHINGAU, ran downstairs and upstairs again, told partner to hurry his ass up,went to locker, saw time 1:40pm, printed out Treatment plan for another Px, partner asked 4 help apparently 1 of his Px came unscheduled also, I said "off course", I lied, left to get everything ready  for my Px at 3pm, Px shows up at 4 , Doctors decide to take da day off and only 14 students were allowed to work, I said " This can't be happening", # 7 on the waiting list and six others behind me,
we all got supper pissed off and started complaining and boycotting
finally got a unit to work in all supper late,saw time it almost 7, ended up just having time to put a provisional tooth with TempBond, stupid Provi was not coming out rite, sweating like a freaking pig, doctors where rushing me, no axial walls to adjust it to ugh!!!, never got my signature for working,all the teachers left, and rite after after I bought a lemon Popsicle it  started poring rain on my way home while walking and believe it or not that was the best part of the day whew.

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