Wednesday, May 2, 2012

           GRRrrRRRrRrRRrRrRrR ;(

ok!!! so i just had a freaking test on the subject
Manejo de Urgencias! anywho you know i studied my ass off and everything till 4am y alli boi bien desvelada a la escuela ready to take the test, i sit down on my desk and waited for the professor to pass the test.  Ok so bring it on!!! en el nombre del padre el hijo y el espiritu Santo Aaaamen!!!

So i started reading and i started answering the qs i knew first and im thinking to myself " the hell with this i have a whole hour to do this shyt . I swear to capulin (my dog) not even like 10min into the test the profesor was like "10 minutes left" i was like what the heck!!! 10min !! we havent even done 10min!!! i thought he was joking ,but then he said 5min left and if u don't turn it in i wont be grading your exam. Oh hellz naw so there i go freaking reading all this crap on the quickness, blood pressure went down, sugar level decreased, blurr vision, trembling hands, taquicardia hasta la madre, i mean horrible just freaking horrible i felt like i was gunna crap my pants out of a panic attack/ nervous breakdown... And the worst part was that the professor had the nerve to give me 3 extra min because i begged him to give me more time that i wasn't done and he kept saying come on  come on come on hurry or you'll get a 0. So just imagine the hell i was going through while trying to answer the qs.

i completely blacked out and forgot all my answers, keep in mind this professor is supper "special " he wont accept anything in pencil , or little scribbles, so obviously since i wasn't done i left mines all in pencil i didn't have a chance to fix it nice. And the irony of the story was that we were learning about first aid kind of stuff like when patients faint, have taquicardia, allergic reactions ect in the dental chair and what we as dentist need to do at that moment. Well the hell with that because i swear i fell like i had all those things at once and that i was goin to be a real life example in the classroom

So all you DENTAL PROFESSORS, plz if you are giving a test to your students please respect their time during a test and dont stress them , because it is already  hard enough as it is and you dont have to make it worse by being bullys, or else your goin to have to revive all 40 students from a heart attack y aver como le hacen despues lol.
the end