Friday, May 4, 2012

Ok folks now you might be familiar already with dental Cassettes, which are basically instrument carriers. My school obligates students to use these instruments when they start clinical practices. You might have heard of the world famous Hu-Fridey company, which make cassettes ,well those are the ones I’M talking about. These cassettes are made either steel or plastic and can carry up to 4 to 19 instuments in a lil box.  I know Hu-Fridey is known for making products with the best materials available and high-tech quality and what not, but we should not get carried away folks.  There are also other Companies that can offer a good alternative such as American Eagle,Miltex,Universal Cassettes,Diadent, and even Medesy. Now these cassettes can come in different categories treatments where the company equips the necessary instruments, such as for Perio, Endo, Restorations, Surgery, etc.
$$$$ MONEY MONEY MONEY ..where to begin.  Ok an average cassette for
1.Hu-Fridey may cost anywhere from $ 109-$500 (But these include instruments)
2.American Eagle from $45-175                          
3.Miltex from $61-120                                              
4.Universal Cassettes from $ 40-104                     
5.Diadent from $53-93
with the last 4 ,you can mix and match and personalize your own instruments  in your cassette                                                                                           

My Pros-Easy to clean    - easy transporstation  -Saves time -organized     -Good way to keep biosecurity control - Ultrasonic friendly -Versatile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

My Cons - bulky-Expensive -when you want to use 1 thing, you have to open the whole cassette-hard to dry -take up a lot of space -hassel to open and close everytime


I have mix feelings about the use of these casstttes to be honest.  Maybe it’s the fact that I am a student and they are !Pinches Caros! Or the fact that they are freaking heavy to be carrying around my toolbox. But overall they are pretty useful I would recommend using them…and remember sometimes its not all about brand names because I know that I can get the same shirt from Calvin Klein  at Ross lol and the same moral applies to this.  
I asked my fellow classmates if they would buy cassettes for their dental office in the future & out of the 24 they said:               yes:10                 &            hell no: 14


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