Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If u read my recent stories I mentioned that if your Px comes late to a meeting "mandalos a la fregada", and sure enough that happened to me yesterday.  So I went the whole day getting everything ready for my Px at 4pm, had the Px file nice and neat, went over with what I had to do, ate supper fast just to wait for her, etc etc . So what happens? I sat there on the chair waiting to see if i saw the image of my Px like a sad puppy waiting for the owner to come back home lol. 10 minutes passed then 15, 20 , n wabammmm 30 minutes.  I was like ,"I had it!".So I went to my locker and put everything away , and as soon as I closed my locker my Px pops out and says" I'm sorry am I goin to get in trouble". As nice as the lady is I had to tell her I couldn't see her anymore and told her to go back home until I rescheduled her again. Sooo people people !!!!!!!!! you dental students, start learning now about tolerance from the start and don't be scare to show some lil tough love, or else your Px's will take advantage of you.
                    yours truly AaAaapuri06!!!

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