Monday, June 4, 2012

Well well well...Today was aight lol.  My very trustworthy  Px came right on time like I told her to, and got a unit to work in with no problem, she deserves a little Star. So any ways, I was doing a Restoration, on # 16, she had a lil small cavity on the mesial/interproximal , so my professor suggest i put a little metal band when I'm going to restore, Y DEJAME LES DIGO K LA TRICHE BANDITA DE METAL NO QUERIA BAJAR, Y YO DELE Y DELE DURO HASTA QUE ME RENDI. There goes my arm workout for the week lol.  It was just so hard to pull it down because of the interproximal contact it had w/ the other tooth .So I decided to call the professor for help, but like always he is all up on the chisme , 100 years later he came to my aid. He was able to bring it down and I did watch and learn his technique.  I will for sure have no problem next time . Yay For me

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