Thursday, June 7, 2012

omygahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! freaking shyt!!!! I understand it is barely the first times I do crowns on teeth, but man it stresses me out.  I been seeing this one Px in particular lets call her "La Quejona" , because she pretty much complains about everything.  Well let me tell you that's not my only problem here, her tooth # 46 is destroyed up the ying yang and lesion cavity has spread everywhere inside, I was so traumatized last time because I screwed up taking out the gutta perch from the wrong conduct, that i was about to crap my pants again when I saw her lol( en serio ).  
You know , I had everything planned out to locate a DuraLay post and have her out the door in no time.  Things started to look complicated: time was running out, sweat drops where  rolling down my forehead, Px's face de Ojeta was stressing me out, and for a minute I felt like just saying screw this Who wants a new Px lol.  And the only thing I was able to do in 3 hours was take off lesion cavity and take out Gutta Perch.  No Mammmes (excuse my french) I was so embarrassed, that I only got ahead that far, I basically did nothing. And right enough my Px was pissed for the same reason.I was having trouble taking out some of the Gutta Perch that was somehow stuck in the wall of the distal conduct and I could not go any further with my Piso or I would perforate. I left the building looking like a poor puppy walking alone in the rain.. tearsss 

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